Modern Combat 5 Skill Points

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Modern Combat 5 Skill Points

Our H Gameloft announced the long-awaited sequel of the series titles of Modern Combat, Modern Combat 5: Blackout, which is scheduled to be posted in App Stores on July 24. O new title Modern Combat 5 Blackout, has an integrated system evolution characters for single players and multi players game versions, along with 4 soldier, situations such as assault, heavy, recon and sniper – each with different abilities in their entirety. You can find some tools here to get free skill points without having to invest real money into the game.

In the game you will see new vehicles better graphics and new combat environment. The Gameloft has confirmed that the game will requires constant on-line connection, even when they are in single player mode, because of the evolution of single characters. Multi player version is going to be an important factor for the title, Modern Combat 5: Blackout, as we have mentioned in previous games in this series.

With available 4 multi player modes – Capture the Flag, Free for All, Team Battle and VIP, will support up to 12 players simultaneously. In conclusion to mention that it will be available in future controler device support as they are considered unlikely to be available as a feature at the beginning. The cost will be $ 6.99 in without additional in-App purchases. Are you ready? Waiting anxiously for your comments!

War! War! War! This is the theme of "Modern Combat 5: Blackout", the fifth in a series episode, the best FPS game on Android. Released in recent days and is really all that's best to showcase Android in demanding game.

The Modern Combat 5 is once more sublime. Awesome graphics for portable console, the sound has been greatly improved by the experience with headphones excellent, while the handling is fully customizable, we can configure the keys just as it suits us.

In the game now, finally we have a serious single player campaign for those interested in the story and do not want to play on the Internet, with a bunch of tracks in well-known cities from Tokyo to Venice. For the "kammenoys" the multiplayer is also attentive and enables us to do a group with three other friends and confront their respective groups on the Internet in various scenarios dethmatch. The user can choose between four characters (Assault, Heavy, Recon, Sniper) depending on the style that suits him, with Heavy being the mpoykadoros that dissolves everything and the Sniper to be the "kamperi" hidden permanently.

The more we learn to use our weapons, so I unlocked new which we can upgrade "buying" additions. The word "buying" is deliberately in quotes because there is no in-game or an object (for now) which really needs money to buy. So the $ 5.99 that costs, are the only money you'll spend on it. -